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chất lượng tốt Mã khóa Windows 10 giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Mã khóa Windows 10 giảm giá
Win10 and win8.1 i bought all work perfect, good communication with the seller,and the shipping was fast, thanks Turing International Limited.

—— Alexander (From Russia)

Very professional on software items. Product is exactly as described. wish a long term business with you. hope my message can hope you guys on trust

—— Fancis (From U.S.A)

COA stickers with installation Data Pack via cloud Share are the best choice for me to promote this business easy and cost-saving. thanks YOYO

—— Luis (From France)

I bought this item to upgrade from windows 10 on DELL computer. The product was easy and somewhat fast to install. Thank Turing Staffs patient service

—— Frank(From France)

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Sản phẩm
Phần mềm Windows OEM
Mã khóa Windows 10
Windows 10 Pro OEM
Hộp bán lẻ Windows 10 Pro
Windows 8,1 Pro Pack
Hình dán Nhãn Sản phẩm Windows 8.1
Dán nhãn sản phẩm Windows 7
Phần mềm Windows 7
Windows Server OEM
Thẻ chìa khóa sản phẩm Office
Microsoft Office Pro
Microsoft Office 2016 Pro
Giấy phép COA Sticker
Phần mềm Thiết kế Đồ họa Adobe
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